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Jancis Robinson - unique holder of the Master of Wine

  • Jancis Robinson - Blog about wine and strong alcoholic beverages Wine Blog
  • Jancis Robinson - Blog about wine and strong alcoholic beverages Wine Blog
  • Jancis Robinson - Blog about wine and strong alcoholic beverages Wine Blog

Jancis Robinson's career began on December 1, 1975, when she started her work as an assistant editor of the British expert magazine Wine & Spirit, one of the most authoritative publications in the world. Jancis Robinson is now a columnist for the Financial Times, a member of the Royal Household Wine Committee, a journalist and wine critic, known all over the world for her dedication to what she loves.

Wine expert and journalist jancis robinson shares her tasting secrets

In 1984, Jancis Robinson became the first person without experience in the wine trade to pass all the necessary exams and receive the title of Master of Wine, and in 2003, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth awarded her the Order of the British Empire. Jancis Robinson is my example and guide in the world of wine, constantly impressing me with the ability to maintain a balance of temperament and sophistication in their selections.

Jancis does not consider a long and detailed list of taste characteristics, rich in epithets, to be one of the main secrets of tasting. Given the subjective nature of the tasting process, Ms. Robinson focuses on the most important information about the wine - its body, tannins, sugar, and maturity, followed by a personal assessment.

Features of wine selection for the royal cellar

Jancis Robinson has been a member of the Royal Household Wine Committee for more than sixteen years. Every year, Jancis selects about 5,000 bottles of wine for the Royal Household, to provide more than 300 events with selected examples of winemaking.

Most of the wines are vintage champagne or inexpensive New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and, of course, Bordeaux reds. Quite budget, but no less exceptional wines that will appeal to any sophisticated guests of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Personally for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the royal family, Jancis, along with other members of the committee, choose a young Bordeaux, which is then aged in the cellars, which allows establishing the perfect balance between price and quality.

What wines does jancis robinson choose herself

Among her personal preferences, Jancis Robinson highlights Portugal and Greece, which produce luxurious wines from a unique array of local grape varieties that can be discovered again and again.

Jancis is also a healer of modern South African wines. The samples from these regions reflect the new trends of wine-making: low alcohol level, oak notes, attention to natural and orange wines.

In strict compliance with the temperature regime, about 2000 different wines are stored in the private wine cellar of Jancis Robinson. The most expensive of them is the Coche Corton Charlemagne, a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee Conti, which she received as a gift in honor of the award of the Order of the British Empire. The main part of the cellar is occupied by French and German classics with aging potential.