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Summer foodpairing: 8 wines for grilled dishes

Summer Food Pairing - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog
Foodpairing - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Wine is an exquisite kaleidoscope of flavors and aromas. I love trying new things and experimenting. In this article, I want to share the unique combinations of wines and grilled dishes. Baked salmon or beef steak for classic lovers and corn, oysters, or hot dog for those looking for something new.

Wine and grilled dishes – an underrated combination

It is considered that the traditional drink on a hot day near the grill is beer, but I am sure that wine and dishes cooked on the fire can be a great combination!

With its varied texture and smoky aroma, the palette of grilled food flavors can be as complex as wine: so why not put them together? In this article, I want to share my favorite combinations of wine and grilled dishes.

Wine & Grilled Food - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Hot dog with mustard and riesling

In the list of classic dishes for a picnic with family or friends – an American hot dog, which has become popular even in Europe. And although there are many unique ways to make a hot dog, I find the combination of mustard, sausage, and sauerkraut really delicious. Hot dogs, according to this recipe, should be supplemented with Riesling.

The hardest part here is the acid of sauerkraut. And the best way to combat the acidity of a classic hot dog is to enjoy it with a glass of German Riesling.

Mustard Hot Dog & Riesling - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog
In order to further emphasize the exquisite thick aroma of smoke, it is worth choosing a dry wine, and lovers of spicy mustard should pay attention to the sweet wine.

Oysters and fruit albarinho

Thanks to the combination of deep-sea salinity and earthiness, grilled oysters look more than refined. But the unusual and complex taste of shellfish does not prevent them from being combined with wine. For oysters, there is nothing better than a few drops of lemon juice.

That is why grilled oysters should be served with fresh citrus Albarino, filled with hints of tropical fruits, grapefruit, and lemon zest. The sour notes combine perfectly with the original taste and add a bit of natural salinity to the shellfish. In addition, the crisp freshness contrasts perfectly with the dense sticky texture of the oyster.

Oysters and Fruit Albariño - Wine and Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Grilled corn and chardonnay

Everything ingenious is simple, just like my favorite summer dish-grilled corn. Fresh corn cobs with a unique sweet smell are good both as a side dish and as a main dish. I recommend serving the corn with an Argentine, California, or French Chardonnay.

Wine from areas of France with a cool climate gets a sharp, mineral acidity. And the southern regions produce Chardonnay with aromas of honey, white flowers, pears, and peaches. Aging in oak adds a creamy touch to the taste.

Grilled Corn and Chardonnay - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog
California chardonnay, which has absorbed the richness of the mediterranean climate of the west coast of the united states and the temperament of the pacific ocean, is recognized as one of the best examples of this variety. choose what you like best and don't be afraid to experiment!

Bratwurst and austrian zweigelt

The German equivalent of the American hot dog is a sausage made of veal, beef, or pork on the grill. No picnic or barbecue in Germany is complete without this dish. Serve bratwurst better with red wine from the Zweigelt grape variety.

The aroma of the drink is revealed by shades of red apples, pomegranate, and dark plum. The taste is moderately dense with a long aftertaste. Zweigelt is a fairly light wine. Serving it chilled, you will feel how the freshness and light sourness make the rich taste of grilled meat more harmonious.

Bratwurst and Austrian Zweigelt - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Portobello mushroom steaks and pinot noir

At first glance, grilled mushrooms may seem like an alternative to meat dishes, but everything is much more complicated. Portobello steaks have a delicious earthy taste, dense texture and are an absolutely independent dish.

Pinot Noir is known for its "forest after rain" flavor, and it's a great addition to any mushroom. The light consistency of the wine allows you not to suppress, but to emphasize the more subtle aromas of Portobello, notes of red berries make the aftertaste fruity. I recommend Pinot Noir from regions with a cool climate, where you can feel the earthy taste, and the fruit shades are not so bright.

Portobello and Pinot Noir Mushroom Steaks - Wine and Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Grilled chicken and lambrusco

Poultry and white wine are a fairly common combination, but grilled chicken has a deeper and smokier flavor. To emphasize it, you need a wine with a fairly dense and rich consistency. Sparkling Lambrusco is perfect for such a purpose. Deep and multi-faceted, with notes of red fruits and wildflowers.

The Italian variety is rooted in the history of Ancient Rome and is one of the most authentic and prolific varieties. It should be served when chilled to 7-9°C.

Grilled Chicken and Lambrusco - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Baked salmon and pink sangiovese

Regardless of whether the salmon is cooked in foil or directly on the grill, the open flame really enhances the already bright taste of the salmon. These dishes are suitable for no less rich wine. For example, pink Sangiovese. The drink based on the Italian grape variety has enough density to make the salmon more harmonious.

Young wines from Sangiovese are distinguished by spicy notes, hints of fruit and strawberries, and aging in barrels gives the drink a luxurious oak flavor.

Baked Salmon and Rosé Sangiovese - Wine and Spirits Blog Wine Blog

Steak and malbec

The combination of a steak with a glass of Malbec is not just a classic, it is a truly legendary example of food pairing. Juicy beef steak, seasoned with bright spices requires an exceptionally rich wine.

Dense tannins balance out the fatty meat notes, and the deep aroma of black fruit complements the beef with a luxurious aroma. Choose an Argentine Malbec, I recommend one of my favorite wines – Vinos de La Luz Iluminado Paraje Altamira

Steak and Malbec - Wine & Spirits Blog Wine Blog
Summer is already here and it's the perfect time to try something from my selection. explore new combinations and share your impressions!